“I know these are scary words, and you—we—have been taught to fear these things that Teddy is called. He is activist. He is leftist. He is for real change. 

But what is to fear about these words? What is to fear about activism, when we know that this kind of activism is one that is premised on real concrete change, the kind that is about knowing what it is truly like for those who are oppressed by nation? What is to fear about being leftist, when what it teaches us is to look at the nation—and the world— without those rose-colored glasses, and what it allows us is to imagine change with the help precisely of the oppressed and marginalized?”

Read Katrina Stuart Santiago’s article ‘Why Teddy” in full: http://ow.ly/kCUvx


Chicago fast food, retail workers strike today - workers walk out at some McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Macy’s in push for higher wages, union
April 24, 2013

Community organizers said they expect hundreds of fast food and retail workers in Chicago to walk off the job Wednesday in a campaign to push for higher wages.

The Fight for $15 campaign, named for its goal of securing $15 an hour for workers, said it expects McDonald’s, Subway, Dunkin Donuts, Macy’s, Sears and Victoria’s Secret store in the Loop and Magnificent Mile to be affected.

The rolling strikes began at 5:30 a.m. as workers walked off the job at some McDonald’s restaurants and Dunkin’ Donuts. Strikes are expected later this morning at some retailers. A rally is planned for 4 p.m. at the St. James Cathedral near Huron and Rush streets. A McDonald’s spokeswoman said that while the company believes “a few workers may have walked off the job,” it was “not a high number at all.” Basically, they are daring you to boycott them and daring their workers to strike because they feel like they can do anything they want to their workers and have no consequences. Let’s call their bluff.

“Our downtown restaurants remain open, and it remains business as usual for us,” she said.

Representatives for Dunkin Donuts and Subway said that hourly wages are set at the discretion of franchisees who operate their restaurants.

“Fight for 15, seeks to put money back in the pockets of the 275,000 men and women who work hard in the city’s fast food and retail outlets, but still can’t afford basic necessities,” the group said in a release. “If workers were paid more, they’d spend more, helping to get Chicago’s economy moving again.”

Wednesday’s action follows a nationwide Black Friday strike by Walmart workers and comes just weeks after 400 fast-food workers walked off their jobs in New York City.

“Fast food and retail workers bring more than $4 billion a year into the cash registers of the Magnificent Mile and the Loop, yet most of these workers earn Illinois’ minimum wage of $8.25, or just above it,” the group said.

In addition to higher pay, Fight for 15 says it is pushing to organize a union for workers. Among those participating will be Aimee Crawford, 56, who said she has worked for 14 months at a downtown Protein Bar restaurant for $8.75 an hour.

“I’m using my retirement funds and my savings to bridge the gap between what I bring home and what I need to survive,” Crawford said.


(Source: thepeoplesrecord)

This past weekend I had the privilege of speaking as the opening keynote for the Northwest Filipino American Student Alliance (NWFASA) Conference held at Western Washington University. This years theme was titled “Nurturing our Momentum: 18 Years and Beyond.”

It was a very humbling experience to speak in front of over 300 youth and students, and being able to set the tone for the first time attendees. As keynote it wasn’t just an opportunity to speak about myself but more so as a representative of Anakbayan Seattle and the National Democratic (ND) Movement.

Thank you to all help construct and shape my presentation and speech.

"…Only through militant struggle can the best in the youth emerge.”


AB x NWFASA 2013 / Filipino Youth and Students Stand for Genuine Immigration Reform (by Anakbayan206)


Join us as on the streets of downtown Seattle on Wednesday, May 1st, International Workers’ Day, as we march with workers, immigrants, community and labor organizers, and other youth and students to demand genuine immigration reform and for the protection of workers’ rights.

Participating youth and student organizations include: Amnesty International UW, Anakbayan Seattle, ASUW - La Raza Commission, Seattle Young People’s Project, MEChA de UW, Washington DREAM Act Coalition, and YouthSpeaks.



Come be the first to see and hear works-in-progress including previews of tracks from the forthcoming The Bar album Barkada and the fetus version of some unreleased Blue Scholars tracks. This event is my conclusionary presentation of my 3-month Town Hall Seattle artist residency, which also includes a presentation from scholar-in-residence David Mitsuo Nixon. Shit’s only five bucks and it’s from 6-9pm so you can watch Game of Thrones spoiler-free afterwards.

Click the photo or go here for tickets and more info.

got my tickets, get yours!

Peace to the ECC. #anakbayanusa @richazardous


oh my goodness


Last week, the Seattle Times approached me to write a guest op-ed column on recent gun violence in the city. So I wrote a rap and spit it in this video. Then the comments came. Now, anyone familiar with the Seattle Times comment section knows that it’s not the best sampling of the human intellectual endeavor but I couldn’t help but share with you all some of these absolute gems:

Just because thoughtful people have negative, biased, stereotyped opinions of “dark skinned rappers”, doesn’t mean they are wrong. 

- testigo, Bellevue

A half dozen Seattlites are dead and the Times chooses to “Slow-Jam” them their memory with this moron kid? This is disgusting.

- dirty kafir, Bainbridge

If these ghetto losers are going to keep falling back on their hard luck as an excuse to constantly victimize innocent people then cap yourself now so society doesn’t have to deal with your dysfunctional lifestyle later

- Cmrussell, Kirkland

I don’t agree at all that if a shooting happens on the “south side” nobody cares. That’s a typical myth propagated by self-identified “African-American” community.

- LuckyMike, Seattle

The rhymes ignore the base cause of gangs which is no 2-parent family structure raising their young to respect the civil rights of others and to obey the law, and to get a job. 

- NoBabyAborted, Washington State

The most amazing thing about this “song” is how Brown somehow managed to write it without filling it with all the f-bombs and other assorted vulgarities that permeate all his other songs. 

- Mr. Helpful, Everett

What is up with the Times. Rap and hip hop is a catalyst to the gang culture. What the hell are they thinking.

- 2times, Bellevue

You need a mayor in the mold of Guiliani who knows how to clean up the city and reduce crime.

- linilulu, Everett


Don’t quit your day job Prometheus.

- keg 2, Burien


Hangin out w this little gal. (Taken with instagram)